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    film production

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We like to tell stories and we do it with images and sounds.

Multivideo is a production company since 1988.
We deal with the design and production of videos and TV commercials as well as digital content for the web.

Our services

All-around production

We are a full service production house. We take care of the entire production process, up to the finished product.
- Treatment of the creative idea
- Location search
- Installations, in studio as well as on location
- Casting
- Contractualization and rights management
- Production
- Post-production
- Finalization and delivering

Executive production

We offer executive production partnerships to advertising agencies, art directors, production companies and directors. We know our territory well and we cover all of Italy.
- Location search and management
- Organization of production
- Contractualization and rights management
- Casting
- Management of troupe and workers
- Camera equipment rental: camera, lights, grip (ask for the material list).
- Technical means and portable diesel generator
- Drone shooting with ENAC qualified pilot.
- Scenographic set-ups
- MUA e Hair stylist


Located in a large structure surrounded by greenery, the production offices offer professional workstations dedicated to post-production.
- Video editing
- 2D/3D graphics
- Compositing
- Colorgrading
- Delivering

What happens behind the scenes