The flavors to remember are those of the home, of the family, they are the genuine and authentic flavors of a life on a human scale.
These values are told in the new spot through the gaze of a grandmother, Victoria Chapman, intent on curating Sunday lunch with the family.

The production of the new commercial involved a crew of 30 people. The scenes were shot in various areas of Camerino and the province of Macerata.
Two intense days of production which saw the director Gianluca Grandinetti also try his hand at the acting of two small actors.

The spot was aired on the main RAI networks, in the pre-Christmas period, reaching around 38.5 million viewers.
"When we decided to invest in the production of this spot we started with the certainty of wanting to enhance , in line with our history, the roots of our family that are firmly established in this city and in this territory, and the values we believe in ” says Federico Maccari, CEO of Pasta di Camerino.

If you want to browse behind the scenes… here's the Making of of the production.