The latest spot Brosway 2021 "With you" is set in an apartment in city where 5 friends get together for a party during the Christmas holidays.

The 5 "twin" friends.
The characteristic of this spot is the choice of having the same actress (Marcela Vivian) interpret all the roles of the 5 friends, each of which has its own look /character. 5 different girls but who are especially similar in taste.
… the perfect gift…? That's what you want for yourself too!

The decision to clone the 5 friends required the use of a complex motion-control technique and real-time verification of the digital effects on the set so that everything was coherent as planned.

The apartment
Initially some real locations were identified but then for the size and practicality it was decided to completely reconstruct the environment in the studio.
The construction of an apartment from scratch. 150 square meters was a real challenge.
20 days of work were needed for the demanding scenographic set-up curated by Giacomo Pompei and realized in the Tanoni installation room with the coordination of Fausto Martorello.
A real 70's style apartment, revisited, with attention to the smallest details.

Some stages of construction:

The look
The slightly retro visual style desired by director Mattia Lunardi was underlined by d.o.p. Corradio Serri also thanks to the use of vintage Cooke Pancro S3 optics.